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losing weight
Hi I'm a 18  year old boy and i started a workout plan for track and field im trying to get stronger but, I'm 6 days in and I'm loosing weight is that normal? Or should I change my training plan

I'm not any kind of nutritionist or workout expert, but I think this will be normal. Especially at that age, when you increase your cardio level, you will most likely see some weight loss. Hopefully you aren't losing muscle. Smile
It's usually like that yeah, from what i've seen other people go through you first start to lose some weight, some fat trims off or maybe you're eating better now that you've started to work out, you just get a good headstart until you start building more muscle tissue, that takes some time and will add to your weight.

Muscle is heavier than fat, but everyone gains muscle at their own pace and some people just lose weight in the gym, while others gain a lot of weight.
Losing weight is a little vague. Are you losing fat? Because that's a good thing. Losing muscle tissue and overal mass is not.
If working out makes your body seem stronger, go with it. Muscles will come on their own after a while and any weight you lost you'll regain in beautiful muscle-tissue.
I usually suggest to anyone who is trying to work on its body to visit a nutritionist because they will give you the best eating plan according to your body type.

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