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What do you want in a gym?
Every time I lift at a new gym I find certain machines that I really like and I plan on putting them all into my own gym one day. Lots of hammer strength shit along side a a plethora of iron free weights, platforms and racks. what do you think guys  Cool
I think a lot of this depends on what you are trying to accomplish? You will find people on both sides of the fence. Some are die hard "free weight" lifters, and others love the machines. I'm kind of torn.

But I will say, if you are doing it on a budget (of both time and space) it makes more sense to start with free weights, since they are cheaper and take less space. Frankly, there isn't much that you can't do with free weights, bench and a pull up bar.
I think a perfect gym has the right equipment for everyone's needs. Have some cardio equipment and machines but also have your basic bench and cowbells and what not.

The next thing I look for is the right kind of environment, some gyms are constantly blasting top-40 music or are very small and filthy, i'm looking for a place where I can work out in privacy with some earbuds in listening to my own music, or talk to people around me. The choice should be mine depending on the mood i'm in.

If I feel at ease in a gym, i'll start feeling at home soon enough and it will be that much easier for me to visit it frequently.
That's why i'm so in love with the idea of having my own home-gym.
Good heavy steel to lift and not too much cardio sh*t. I like having big dudes around so I feel like one of the pack. I kinda hate when skinny people or older people work out around me.. makes me feel like an outsider a little. Iknow its weird but eh.
A free cool atmosphere and open minded people. I love seeing energy and smiles and I love to see people fight against old age and overweight. A good gym is a supportive gym with a healthy environment and the right equipment.
It would be good to have equipment for everyones needs. One of the reasons that I have a home gym is spending time with my friends while we all work out together in my gym and there is always something for everyone to work out on.
Equiped gym is a good gym! Smile

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