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Do you work out?
I run 4-5 miles three time a week. I don't do push-ups or pull-ups anymore because I wrecked my shoulder  Blush
I used to train a lot, I was in shape and could do some pretty decent performance with my body.

Eventually however, I lost contact with the few friends I did this with while also getting a girlfriend, I adapted to a lazier lifestyle with her and started gaining weight, now i've stopped putting on weight by moderating my eating habits, and i'm just waiting for the right time to trim it off again to get in shape more.
Sure do. Get home from work around 7, go for a run then play basketball or go to the gym and lift. Usually finally settle down around 9 to make dinner.
I train with some friends to do parkour, we train outside by climbing, running, jumping and combinations of all three. My gym is my city.
We meet up twice a week with about 10 people who all do parkour to train in a local place that's usually used for PE classes of a nearby elementary school.

Other than that we "train" when we want to Tongue.
I jog every day for about an hour, I watch what I eat and I do a lot of situps to get a perfect beach body.

[Image: WnEGMsG.jpg]
Nice ^

I bench and do cowbells mostly, I bench 90KG+ usually and work with 50KG cowbells.
I go for results and I pump to get big. Don't want people f*cking with me haha.
I jog through the park, stretch on the grass, do some pushups and situps, then I go for a long run and when I finish I rush all my energy in a short burst workout consisting of rapid pushups and jumping jacks until my body is absolutely worn down. Then I medidate for about 30 minutes.

I do this at least a few times a week and the results have been amazing!
I've worked out MAYBE an hour in my 26 years. I've always had fairly physical jobs so I stay steady, but I hate working out.
When I used to stop training due to soreness, I would actually be sore longer than usual. Now that I push myself to go train even if I'm sore or don't feel like it, I find that I recover much faster. So if you're wondering whether you should skip just because you're sore, the answer is No. Get in there and smash that workout.
I work out for pleasure-I can find time to do it 3-4 times a week and it really makes me feel better and of course,better look comes with that Smile

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