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Adding weight to a pulley machine - HomeGymGuy - 01-27-2017

Sooo.. we've run into a bit of a problem on our home gym pulley machine.

We have a life fitness G7. It's been great, have had it for 7+ years and really no problems. However, I've maxed out the weight stack and need to increase it.

I called the dealer, and LifeFitness doesn't make any way to add on weight. I was toying around with making my own device to hook onto the weight stack so I could add plates on. And lo and behold I found one that someone had already made on ebay.

If that link doesn't work, go to ebay and search "Powerlifting weight stack plate holder"  It's basically a J hook (flat) that hangs on your weight stack and you can put up to three weight plates on it. I've been using it since Christmas and it works like a champ! I've added up to 90lbs on it, and the Lifefitness G7 runs as smooth as ever.